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What Kind of Types can you Meet on Sex Meet Sites?

Of course there’s hundreds if not thousands of people on all the different adult dating sites out there so you never know what kind of person you can come across. I have been using really good online sex meet sites like for ages now and think I’ve come across almost all types of people.
This time I’d like to talk about the “The Angry Ex-Boyfriend”.
The angry ex-boyfriend is the type of dude who blames women for all his problems. This guy is a complete and total loser.

You see, the moment you blame other people for what’s going on in your life is the moment you lose. No joke. Because if you are convinced that somebody caused all this fucked up pain in your life, then you are handing them the solution. Because if they caused it, they can fix it. Makes sense, right? This is basic logic.

And unfortunately, these guys are clueless regarding that and that’s why they keep blaming ex-girlfriends. They keep blaming past relationships. These guys are very toxic because they know how to get pussy. The problem is, once they get that pussy, they find a way to mentally fuck up or emotional damage the check.

So again, just like with pimps, if a place is filled with angry ex-boyfriends, you might want to go find another place because the pool of chicks there might be toxic because of the shenanigans these assholes pull.